Collection: Surface Cleaning & Moss Killing

On this page you can see our own range of professional chemical solutions to clean all types of exterior surface, spray & leave or spray and rinse, the choice is yours. We also have a selection of products for lawns and other grassed areas which will allow you to feed, kill weeds, kill moss and prevent the growth of fresh moss which will leave grass looking thick & healthy as well as moss and weed free.

As manufacturers of cleaning solutions, for the professional user and home owners alike, we are proud of the relationships that we have maintained, for over 20 years, with contractors, industry and the general public. We supply products that can be left on the surface or that require rinsing. These solutions can be used on all types of surface such as roofs, patios, walls, external timber, such as decking and cladding, and tennis courts as well as the aforementioned lawns and and other grassed areas such as sports fields.

Spray & Rinse Solutions - these are ideal when surfaces have heavy amounts of dirt or other things that you want removed. Also very good if the surface is covered in not only dirt but other things that are very close to the surface but can't be removed by brushing alone. Also very effective at removing black stains, especially from stone surfaces, that can't be removed by brushing.
Spray & Leave Solutions - normally used on larger surfaces such as tennis courts, roofs, driveways, patios, walls and any other hard surface including thatched roofs. For best results, surfaces should be brushed to remove dirt or anything else that may be present then applied during dry weather to a dry surface. These products do not require rinsing so stay on the surface until completely removed by rain. They can also be applied to clean surfaces so that they are able to stay clear of anything that may require brushing.

We also supply a wide range of weedkillers and other exterior surface cleaners.

We pride ourselves on the help we give our customers allowing them to select the right product to meet their particular requirement. We are always happy to speak with you, answer emailed questions or have a website chat. We have also put together a number of User Guides, the majority of which are broken down into particular areas of cleaning such as cleaning tennis courts, cleaning a tiled roof, cleaning a driveway and cleaning black spots from patios plus many others.

Hopefully you will find these guides helpful but don't forget to Contact Us should you want any further assistance.