Collection: Trolleys & Shields

All of our sprayers are supplied with a shoulder strap or shoulder straps, depending upon the size and weight of the sprayer, to make carrying your unit easier and more comfortable.  However there are more options when it comes to the movement of your sprayer and even the protection of your spraying.

One this page you will see our spray hoods that will protect your nozzle and spray pattern allowing you to spray when the wind is stronger as they will help to reduce spray drift so allowing you to direct your spray when, normally, the wind would spread it.  You will also see our range of shoulder straps, carry packs and trolleys which can all help to make life just a little easier and more comfortable.

If you have a particular issue, with the movement or positioning of your sprayer, and you can't find the product you are looking for on this page then just get in contact with us.