Collection: Electric Sprayers

Our range of battery powered sprayers, and water tanks, are designed to assist you by making spraying easier and, in many instances, quicker.  The sprayers you see here are all suited to different working environments; whether you wish to spray plants on a patio or small garden, large trees or large areas of grass right through to crops and even drilling or cutting machinery on building sites then we have a sprayer or water tank to match your needs.

All of our units are supplied with the appropriate batteries, chargers and full instructions so you can be sure that you are operating the sprayer or tank in the appropriate way.  Please note that these units are for the supply or spraying of either water and/or phytosanitary products (herbicides, fungicides & insecticides).  They should not be used for the application of flammable or industrial products (solvents, acids, alkalines etc.).

Please CONTACT US if you would like any assistance with the selection of any of these products or if you have any further questions.