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Baticlean CR

Baticlean CR


Clean all types of hard surface including roofs, walls, patios and tennis courts. Re-application will help to keep the surface clear of lumps that shouldn't be there.
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Product Description

Baticlean CR is a pH neutral cleaning product which is ideal for all types of hard surfaces such as roofs (including thatched) tennis courts, paths, timber & tarmac. Simply apply Baticlean CR to a dry surface and let it work.

The average dilution rate is 1 part Baticlean CR with up to 4 parts water - each litre purchased will cover between 20 - 40m2. Baticlean CR is therefore ideal for cleaning large areas such as tennis courts, patios and driveways and will treat tarmac, stone, tiles, slabs, concrete, wood, artificial sports surfaces and turf, lawns etc.

Before application of Baticlean CR we recommend brushing the surface to be treated to remove any moss, leaves and other loose debris. This means that you are not wasting the product but are allowing as much contact as possible with the surface that you want to clean.

We recommend not applying Baticlean CR when the temperature is below 5oC or above 30oC. When you are applying on a warm day please remember that the surface temperature is likely to be higher than the air temperature. If the air temperature is 24oC it is quite likely that, after a few hours of direct sunshine, the ground temperature will be much higher, probably over 30oC. The warmer the surface then the quicker that Baticlean CR will dry and you want the product to be able to do something before it has dried hence the reason for not applying when it is too hot. If the surface is too cold then Baticlean CR will not be as active so you may have to apply at a slightly lower dilution rate.

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Why do I have to brush the surface before I apply Baticlean CR?

You don't have to brush a surface prior to applying Baticlean CR but there are advantages to brushing a surface and trying to remove unwanted moss and other things before you apply. If nothing else, removing some of the unwanted growth will save you money as you will reduce the amount of cleaner that you will need to use.

What is the best way to apply Baticlean CR?

Baticlean CR can be applied in a number of ways however we recommend using a sprayer as this will give you the optimum coverage at the ideal concentration. We have a full range of sprayers and lances including telescopic lances that will enable you to spray at height which is especially useful when applying moss killer to a roof. You can browse our extensive range of sprayers and accessories where you should be able to find the products you need.

What is the coverage rate of Baticlean CR?

As an average we state that 1-litre of Baticlean CR will cover 30m2 at a dilution rate of 1 litre to 4 litres of water. If your surface is clear from staining and there is nothing else visible and you just want to keep it that way then you can cover a little more than the 30 metres.

Can I use Baticlean CR on my thatched roof?

As Baticlean CR is pH neutral, it can be used on all types of thatched roof covering to clear debris and help to keep the roof clear. We recommend applying between the months of April - October as outside of these months the weather, generally, does not allow the thatch to dry and Baticlean is most effective when applied to a dry surface during dry weather.

Is Baticlean CR suitable for moss and algae on artificial grass?

Artificial turf can become slippery if moss and algae builds up. Contrary to popular belief, artificial lawns are not maintenance free and can provide an ideal surface for growth. Strong chemicals can cause damage to delicate materials so we recommend Baticlean CR which is pH neutral and will not affect the surface. Spray on and leave until the growth dries up and use a brush or rake afterwards to remove if necessary.

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