Collection: Backpack Sprayers

Our range of backpack sprayers (also known as knapsack sprayers) gives you choices so that you can match your sprayer to your work. You no longer have to accept second best or change the way that you undertake your work as our range of backpack sprayers can be customised to suit your spraying requirements or environment.

Tanks constructed from Stainless Steel or strong Polypropylene is the first choice for you with each being suited to a number of applications. From here you can decide upon lance extension length so a standard 500mm right up to a telescopic reach of over 5.4 metres. Our accessories also enable you to have different, nozzles thus changing spray patterns, stop valves and spray hoods.

In addition to an extensive range of accessories we also have every spare part you could require to keep your sprayer running and performing well for you and a guaranteed supply of them for 20-years after your date of purchase. We are committed to repair not replace so will always recommend spare parts rather than a replacement sprayer if this is the most viable option.

If you can't find the information that you require then please just let us know and we can help you to match a sprayer to your particular requirements.