Collection: Steel & Stainless Steel Sprayers

Our range of steel & stainless steel sprayers are not just for the professional user but for everyone who wants to take advantage of the higher working pressure, content temperature & strength of metal sprayer tanks over the standard plastic tanks.

All of the sprayers you can see below can be pressurised to 6bar which is twice the maximum pressure that can be obtained with plastic tanks. This has two main advantages firstly, at 6 bar, you will be able to spray liquids with a higher viscosity which is especially important within the forestry and construction industries. Liquids that are much thicker than water can be a problem with 3 bar sprayers as there is just not enough pressure to push the liquid. However, when coupled with the perfect nozzle, a 6 bar sprayer can handle thick liquids such as protective surface coatings and release agents.

However the additional pressure does not just allow use of a wider range of liquids, the extra pressure basically means that the tanks contains more air and the more air that you have available then the longer spray time you will have before having to add more air to the tank. To take full advantage of this some of our sprayers are fitted with a Constant Flow Valve which restricts the pressure that the liquid leaves the nozzle. These are available in either 1, 1.5 or 2 bar so if you have 6 bar tank pressure but an exit pressure of 2 bar you can see how the air will last a long time. These valves are available on either the sprayer page or in our accessories section. Another advantage is temperature as our metal compression sprayers can be used for liquids that are up to 50 degrees, plastic tanks can only be used with liquids at an ambient temperature.