Collection: Lance & Nozzle

Accidents happen so if you manage to break your sprayer lance then don't worry, you can buy a replacement.  No need to throw your sprayer away, simply a new part may be required and on this page you should be able to find the lance & nozzle that you need.

It may a simple replacement that you need or you may want a spare or you might want to change the way that you spray so are looking for something was wasn't supplied with your original sprayer.  On this page you will see all of the lance & nozzle combinations that are supplied with our range of sprayers but also additional options such as the two or even three nozzle wands.  These can attach to many of our sprayers and can either make your spraying more precise or, when spraying large areas, much quicker.

If you aren't sure exactly what you require then please just let us know and we will help.