Collection: Foaming Chemical Sprayers

Many cleaning or industrial chemical solutions are designed to foam once applied to a surface. The reasons for this, especially for industrial applications, are numerous but for cleaning products foaming is a bonus when applied to vertical surfaces as it won't run so quickly therefore stays on the surface for longer meaning that you can complete your cleaning in less time and with less chemicals. Also, for some products, the air contained within the foam can expedite the cleaning process so either way, foaming can be an advantage.

But don't be fooled, just because a product is described a foaming you will not be using it to it's maximum effectiveness by using a normal sprayer. This is because to make foam you need to mix air with the solution as it is being applied and our Foamer range of sprayers are designed to do just this. Not only that but you are in control of the consistency of the foam as the nozzle application can be adjusted with the introduction or removal of foam pads meaning that you can modify foam levels across a wide range of different product types.

You can chose between 1.5 litre Hand Sprayers and 8 litre compression sprayers and between FPM seals for acidic products and EPDM seals for alkaline based products. On each sprayer page you will find a Resistance Guide that gives an indication of the chemical resistance of the sprayer however, if you need further clarification then just contact us for further assistance.