Collection: Dust Suppression Tanks & Liquid Suction

When using machinery for drilling, cutting or grinding concrete or stone surface you should be supplying water to both cool the diamond cutting heads and bind the dust to keep the surrounding area and air free from dust clouds which is good for both visibility & breathing. The range of Dust Suppression tanks will suit all types of application keeping your work area dust free, safe and legal.  These tanks are not restricted to dust suppression however as they are equally suited for watering plants in hard to reach areas, including baskets, or where a supply of water is not readily available.  We have plastic tanks that can be pressurised to 3 bar (45 psi) and metal tanks with a maximum pressure of 6 bar (90 psi).  In addition to our dust binding tanks we have our Suction Fix 4 which can be used to remove liquid from hard to reach areas.