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Spray Clean

Spray Clean


Ensure your sprayer tank, hose & nozzles are clean after use.  Three simple steps will give you a clean sprayer so that it is ready for use the next time it is required.  One of the most common causes of damage to sprayers is blocked nozzles or tanks and hoses with the dried remanent of the last spray liquid within them.  Not cleaning your sprayer properly will reduce its lifespan and cost you money so cleaning it properly is important and it isn't, at all, difficult.
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Product Description

Spray Clean is designed to properly clean your spraying equipment. When you just use water to flush the system, you are really just thinning any remaining chemicals. Spray Clean is a cleaning product not a thinner so it will remove any traces of chemicals not just dilute them.

After use, the tank and hose should be flushed with clean water.

Product Specification

Use Spray Clean diluted between 10% and 50% in water depending upon the level of contamination or type of chemicals being used. Spray Clean can be used neat for chemicals with a higher viscosity.

  • When you have finished spraying, empty the tank contents for later use.
  • Pour 1-2 litres of clean water into the sprayer tank and spray to initially flush the system.
  • Pour diluted Spray Clean into the tank and spray for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Pour 1-2 litres of water into the sprayer tank to ensure Spray Clean is flushed from the system.
  • Allow your spraying equipment to dry completely before storing. This includes not only the inside of the tank but hose and nozzles. It can be helpful to remove the nozzle during the drying process.

Please remember to use all products as per the manufacturers guidelines. All flush water of weedkillers and other garden products should be disposed as instructed.

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