Sprayers and Equipment FAQs

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Which sprayer do I need?

We have a wide range of spraying equipment to suit all requirements.

Generally the compression sprayers are a smaller capacity and are carried at the shoulder with a pump at the top. Some of the compression sprayers have optional back-straps so that they can be worn on the back. The knapsack sprayers are larger capacity, are worn at the back and have a handle at the side for pumping.

Check the pH of the chemical that you are using and if you are intending extended use of acids or alkalines then you can choose chemical resistant equipment. Obviously the pH of a product is not the only consideration when deciding which is the most suited sprayer as it is the main active ingredients that are going to cause any issues. If you need any help selecting a sprayer then just contact us and we will advise on the best options.

Should I have a knapsack or compression sprayer?

A knapsack sprayer (also known as a backpack sprayer) is carried on your back. A compression sprayer is cylindrical in shape and is normally carried on a shoulder. Which sprayer is the best for you depends upon the type of work you are doing. Knapsack sprayers generally have larger capacity tanks and are designed for spraying large areas as opposed to compression sprayers that can be used for any type of job, either large or small.

One, very important, point to remember when deciding upon the design of sprayer is that, with a majority, of knapsack sprayers you are not compressing the air within the tank rather it is compressed within the compression cylinder that is inside the tank. This means that you have to compress the tank (pump the handle) far more often and, almost, have to 'pump to spray'. We do, however, have three models that can be pressurised to 6 bar (twice the normal maximum pressure) meaning that, once you are at working pressure, you won't need to pressurise as frequently as a standard model. These sprayers are our RS12, RS18 and RS18 Alkaline.

If you are looking to climb ladders or use telescopic lances, with your sprayer, then it may be advisable to consider a compression sprayer (unless you use the RS range) otherwise you will need a hand to pump the tank and another to hold a ladder or two others to hold a long lance. As the average number of hands, per person, is less than two you can understand why using some knapsack sprayers could be awkward.

Which of your sprayers will fit your telescopic extension lances?

The easy answer is that our telescopic lances will fit all the sprayers (apart from the hand sprayers) that we show on our website, both compression sprayers and knapsack sprayers. Some of the units will need a small connector but other than that you can use any of our sprayers with the large telescopic lances. The technical information of each sprayer will confirm if a connector is required or not.

If you are looking to connect our lances to a sprayer that you already own, we can't guarantee that they will connect with or without one of our connectors.

Which sprayer will fit the 5.4m or 3.2m telescopic lances?

As each manufacturer of spraying equipment tends to have different threads and sizes, there is no guarantee that the 5.4-metre or 3.2-metre telescopic lances will fit any sprayer on the market.

The lances will fit all of our GOIZPER and IK sprayers as well as our electric rechargeable sprayer and Mesto sprayers however, the lances will require a connecting hose if being used with our Mesto sprayers or rechargeable sprayer. We recommend that you purchase a bundle with the lance which includes a hood and a directional tube with the connecting tube.

How much pressure do I need from a sprayer?

The pressure needed when spraying a liquid depends upon the product being sprayed and the circumstances in which the sprayer is used.

Many commonly used domestic products will not require a high pressure sprayer, perhaps only 3 BAR or even 1.5 BAR. However, thicker liquids will require more pressure.

Just because a sprayer can work up to a certain pressure, this does not mean that it must be used at that pressure. Some of our sprayers are fitted with specialist pressure gauges, allowing the user to choose the pressure that best suits them and the ideal pressure for the product being used.

I need a spare part for a Mesto sprayer. Can you help?

We not only carry the entire range of Mesto sprayers but all of the accessories and spare parts. Which ever part you wish to replace (or you want to have a spare, just in case) then we can help you. As long as we know the model of the sprayer then we will be able to identify the part for you. Even if you don't know the model, with some simple questions, we will soon find out.

Why is the tank size different from the working capacity?

In order to push liquid out of the tank, pressure must be built up. Room is left within the tank for air, which is pressurised prior to spraying. The difference between tank size and working capacity is to allow for this.

When buying a sprayer, it is worth considering the fact that more pressurised air within a tank (or a greater difference between tank size and working capacity) means longer spray time before one must stop and re-pressurise the tank.

It is also crucial to know the working capacity of a sprayer, not just the tank size, as this is the maximum level to which the tank can be filled and still function properly.

Can I modify my new sprayer?

Whilst our extensive range of compression sprayers and knapsack sprayers give you a whole host of options that will satisfy the requirements of most people, there are always some customisation that would make a, very good sprayer, perfect.

So, we are able to offer a number of variations to some of our sprayers such as different handles, longer hoses, additional lances or a selection of different nozzles. We recently helped a customer who bought one of our PROFI PLUS sprayers but wanted an additional, longer hose. The sprayer is supplied with a 2.5-metre hose but, because of the type of work the customer needed to complete, they wanted the longer length which would enable them to stand the sprayer on the floor and walk to the areas that needed to be sprayed. We supplied the longer, 5-metre, hose and their work was made much easier.

Some of our sprayers will show modification options but, if you can't see the option that best suits then just CONTACT US and we can discuss your needs.