The Groundskeeper Sprayers of Choice

The Groundskeeper Sprayers of Choice

As a professional groundskeeper having reliable sprayers is vital as it allows you to undertake the jobs that need to be done when they need to be done. But just as important is having a range of sprayers that allows you to have the model that is most suited for your spraying, time saving and waste reducing accessories, guaranteed spare parts, stock levels that ensure you can have the sprayer or accessory when you need it and a back-up service that can keep you working.

With over 100 years of sprayer manufacturing experience, Mesto is a brand that combines quality construction with an comprehensive range of both backpack and compression sprayers but also a guarantee of spares being available for 25 years and accessories that include 3 nozzle or flexible spray booms, telescopic lances, lance extensions, trolleys and a range of nozzles that ensure you are maximising your spraying and minimising waste. We have been working closely with Mesto for many years and now stock their entire range of sprayers, accessories and spare parts.

As a company, we are of the belief that if we are selling sprayers then must take them seriously and we have to understand them and we must have everything that a customer could want to ensure that they are getting a proper and complete service. So, as well as having sprayers, the spare parts and accessories we maintain stock levels that mean you will not be disappointed and left waiting. Everything you need can be with you quickly so that you can start or continue your work. Don't want to or don't have the time to repair your sprayer yourself? Send it to our workshop and we can change any parts and even clean & service the sprayer as well.

So what accessories are available? To start with we have 25 different spray nozzles so you can choose between full cone, hollow cone, fan or adjustable spray patterns. We have brass nozzles, plastic nozzles and nozzles with different flow rates. We also have double nozzles which allow you to spray in more than one direction at the same time. We have spray booms with two or three nozzles that can save you a lot of time when it comes to spraying large areas. There are also spray lance extensions and telescopic lances so that hard to reach areas can still be sprayed. If you aren't looking at a knapsack sprayer then we have carry systems for compression sprayers which allows you to carry your sprayer on your back and trolleys so that instead of carrying you can pull or push the sprayer. There is also our rage of Constant Flow Valves that restrict the pressure at which you spray meaning that you can always spray at the optimum pressure for the product which will reduce chemical wastage and user fatigue as you will be using far less pressurised air than normal spraying.

Accessories are great but what about the sprayers? Backpack, compression or hand sprayers so make your choice. As groundskeepers you are probably looking towards the backpack sprayers so we have our RS range which have plastic tanks and 18 or 12 litre capacities or our Stabilus which also has an 18 litre capacity but has a stainless steel tank. Comfort, durability and reliability are what these sprayers are all about.

If you have any questions about our range of sprayers, accessories or spares then please contact us.


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