Repair or Replace your Sprayer?

Repair or Replace your Sprayer?

Why repair instead of buying new?

Some may argue that the most important thing to consider is the cost of repair versus the initial cost of the product. Our spares come at a low cost along with as much information as you need to fit them on our website, YouTube channel, or over the phone with no additional charge.

Time and cost are both key considerations when deciding whether to repair or replace your product, that’s why our spare parts come easy to apply with often no tools needed. We also offer next day priority delivery for an even speedier approach. Due to our spares being user-friendly, they are easy to repair in your own home, and you get to avoid the fees that other companies may apply for help.

We’re all familiar with the phrase: ‘quality over quantity’, but when it comes to buying important products, this saying becomes more relevant. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and with quality, comes long term usage. Why buy a sprayer for half the price if it only lasts for 20% of the expected time? Many manufacturers make products more disposable for profitability, it’s difficult to not fall into these traps to buy the cheaper option, but we advertise that buying quality, means buying once.

Due to our high-quality range of Mesto sprayers, we offer a range of spares and are happy to talk our customers through any repairs if needed. We also offer a range of service kits for our sprayers at a fraction of the price for a replacement. We believe that not every difficulty requires replacement, and if there is any issue with one of our products over time, we are happy to service any concerns.

However with a more global considerate mindset, the less wastage of repairing should outweigh the financial cost either way. Looking in the bigger picture, shopping for replacement parts helps larger concerns such as pollution and global warming. We are all aware of the issues that landfill sites produce, so by only restoring the part of the product that needs replacement, there is less material sent to landfill. The less material in the long run results in less sites being built, saving space, and overall reducing the cost to the country. Landfills are also known to create water pollution, the rise of greenhouse gases and resource contamination.

The bottom line is, opting to buy spare parts for repairing your product rather than buying new doesn’t only save you a great deal of money, it helps social, and environmental factors too. We take this issue very seriously, which is why we carry such an extensive range of spares and replacement parts. Save money and the planet: repair and reuse.


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