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Super Extreme 10 - Acid

Super Extreme 10 - Acid


This Super Extreme compression sprayer is the highest quality unit within our range of metal sprayers for spraying strong acids as well as other active substances. This is a sprayer that, in our opinion, is second to none. It combines the strength of a metal tank with the chemical resistance of a plastic tank, has an acceptable pH range between 1-9 and has a maximum working pressure of 6 BAR.
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Product Description

This compression sprayer is the next level up from our Cleaner Compression Sprayer - Acid which has a fully plastic tank therefore can only be operated to a
maximum pressure of 3 bar. The tank of the Super Extreme is constructed from stainless steel but has a plastic inner lining which allows the high chemical resistance. It can be operated at 6-bar and can handle liquids up to 50oC and is obviously more robust than a plastic tank. In addition to all of this, the Super Extreme is fitted with a valve which allows it to be connected to an air compressor.

Whilst this prayer is fitted with FPM seals it does not mean that it can be used to spray all types of acidic chemical. We therefore recommend a compatibility test when using aggressive chemical solutions. If you think there may be an issue with a product that you wish to use then just send us the safety data sheet (MSDS) for the product and we
will check compatibility and recommend an alternative sprayer if necessary.

Product Specification

  • Total tank capacity - 13-litres
  • Tank working capacity - 10-litres
  • Tank Ullage - 3-litres
  • Maximum working pressure - 6 bar
  • Sprayer weight - 5.8 kg
  • Tank construction - stainless steel with plastic lining
  • pH range - 7-14*
  • Carry Method - Shoulder or carried by hand
  • Nozzle - Flat jet & stainless steel hollow cone 1.1mm
  • Lance - 500mm stainless steel
  • Pressure Gauge - Fitted to tank
  • Compressor Compatible - Valve supplied
  • Hose - 2-metre chemically resistant
  • Pump - plastic piston
  • Filling - Hand compression or compressed air via fitted valve
  • Seals - EPDM which is a type of rubber with high elasticity and a high resistance to solvents and alkaline chemicals. This type of seal is not generally suitable for hydrocarbon based fuels and oils.
  • 20 years spare parts supply GUARANTEED

*We recommend a full compatibility test with aggressive chemical solutions. If you are unsure about a product that you plan to use then send us the safety data sheet (MSDS) for the product and we will check compatibility and recommend an alternative sprayer if necessary.

Resistance Guide

Whilst not a definitive guide, this will give you an indication as to the chemical resistance of this sprayer. Next to each item you will see either YES (resistant), CON (conditionally resistant) or NO (unsuitable). This is only a guide but if you can't see the chemical you plan to use or have any questions then please just contact us.


  • Acetic Acid (maximum 10%): YES
  • Silicic Acid: YES
  • Peracetic Acid (maximum 6%): NO
  • Phosphoric Acid (maximum 30%): YES
  • Nitric Acid (maximum 10%): CON
  • Hydrochloric Acid (maximum 10%): NO
  • Aulphuric Acid (40%): NO


  • Butanol: YES
  • Ethanol: YES
  • Methanol: YES
  • Isobutanol: YES
  • Isporopanol: YES

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

  • Decane: NO
  • N-Heptane: NO
  • N-Butane: NO

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

  • Naphtha: NO
  • Toluol (maximum 40%): NO
  • Xylene: NO
  • Heptaphene: NO


  • Diesel: NO
  • Kerosene: NO
  • Mineral Oil: NO
  • Petroleum Spirit: NO
  • Concrete Release Agent: NO


  • Acetone: YES
  • Ammonia: YES
  • Sodium Carbonate: YES
  • Sodium Hydroxide (maximum 30%): YES
  • Potassium Hydroxide: YES
  • Sodium Hypochorite (maximum 12.5%): NO


Why is the tank size different from the working capacity?

With compression sprayers you must have room, within the tank, to pressurise air which will then push the liquid out of the tank. This is why there is a difference and this difference is called ullage. This sprayer has a 13-litre tank but we recommend a maximum fill of 10-litres which gives an ullage of 3-litres which you pressurise when you pump the compression handle. The more pressurised air that there is within the tank then the longer spray time between stopping and re-pressurising the tank. Be careful when buying sprayers as you need to know the fill volume/capacity not the tank size.

Why should I use a Stainless Steel sprayer?

They are strong, look very good, are robust and give very good chemical resistance when used in conjunction with the EPDM seals.

You say that this sprayer can be used at 6 BAR, how do I know when it is at pressure?

Our Super Extreme sprayers have a pressure gauge fitted which will show you the air pressure within the tank. This is very helpful as sometimes you will just want the most pressure possible especially if you are trying to spray a very thick liquid but some products will recommend a spraying pressure for optimum performance. With the gauge you can see exactly the pressure that you are spraying.

What is so special about the Super Extreme sprayer?

As we say in the 'Product Description' for this sprayer, this is a special sprayer as it can not only handle many different chemicals but combines this with the strength of a stainless steel tank. This gives you all the benefits of our sprayers combined into one unit; excellent pH range, 6 bar operating pressure, high maximum content temperature and high resistance to external damage.

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