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Primer H2O

Primer H2O


3 BAR sprayer for the supply of water where a mains supply is not available or not convenient. Normally used to supply water to cutting machines however the unit is not restricted to this.
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Product Description

The 5 litre pressurised water tank is ideal for ensuring a mobile supply of water on construction sites. It offers plenty of comfort, such as a 4 metre long transparent hose with integrated filter and water return stop.

Product Specification

  • Unit Weight: 1.6kg
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 3 BAR (44 psi)
  • Tank Working Capacity: 5 litres
  • Total Tank Capacity: 7 litres
  • Pump: Plastic
  • Tank Material: Plastic
  • Tank Ullage: 2 litres
  • Hose: 4 metres with water stop & filter
  • Seals: NBR
  • 20 years spare parts supply GUARANTEED


Can this sprayer be used with other types of chemicals?

This sprayer is designed for the supply of pressurised water therefore water is what it is designed to carry. That doesn't mean that the water can't contain some type of additive such as a descaling solution or, if being used to water plants, a type of plant feed. Whilst the tank can handle a wide range of chemicals the hose is designed to carry water plus an additive.

What does Tank Ullage mean?

Ullage is the name given to the gap between the maximum fill and the total tank capacity. It is important with sprayers as the larger the ullage is then the more space there is for compressed air. The more compressed air you have then the longer spraying time you have before you run out of pressure. Given the design of a knapsack sprayer the ullage is not as important as with a compression sprayer which is why, generally, knapsack sprayers will have a smaller ullage to tank capacity ration than a compression sprayer.

Can this sprayer be used with your long telescopic lances?

Yes. This sprayer can be used with both our 3.2 metre and 5.4-metre telescopic lances which are especially handy is you are looking to water hanging baskets.

What guarantee do I get with this sprayer?

You get a full 12 months with mechanical breakdowns so, providing that the sprayer is being used as intended, then if something snaps you tell us and we replace the part for you. If it's damage caused by a chemical compatibility issue then we will cover the damage providing that we have confirmed the chemical compatibility with the sprayer. When it comes to the availability of spares, this is guaranteed for 20 years from the date of purchase.

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